What can we do for your club or festival?

  1. We can perform straight forward concerts of songs. Songs can be a mix of traditional and self-composed numbers. The songs, if you wish can be played on a wide range of instruments.
  2. We can perform a mix of songs with historical narrative. The narrative can be unique to your area or region and will be researched by us from archive newspapers and books. Ideally, to perform this effectively, we require a minimum of a 1 hour set.
  3. We can perform a full on show, usually lasting two to two and a half hours in length. Again this can be a mix of narrative from archive newspaper reports on your area and songs played on a range of instruments.

Please let us know your requirements and we will be only too happy to discuss them with you.

You can contact us either on Facebook or Twitter (see home page for a link), by e-mail at:

by phone: 01964 623793 or 07909 947762

Address: Hull Folk Collective, 62 St Martins Road, Thorngumbald, Hull HU12 9PL

or, use the contact form on our Homepage of this website.