The Shows

Chris & the Hull Folk Collective have written and performed several shows based on primary historical accounts and interspersed with songs and music. Often these shows are performed in front of a specially made video backdrop.

The very first show was the original version of Keep Your Gansey Dry written and performed to a sell out audience in February 2016. It formed part of Chris’s 1st class BA Hons Degree.

Subsequents shows were performed at the Trafalgar Day commemorations in 2016 in Whitby, and at Ferens Art Gallery in Hull for the 2017 City of Culture Festival.

From Sayers Creek to St Andrews Dock was performed for Chris’s MA (distinction) and had massive input from all members of the Hull Folk Collective as well as local folk singers Tom Gaynard and Maggie Graham.

You can watch the entire two and a half hour performance of Sayers Creek (an alternative 1,000 year history of England and its folk music) below:

Subsequent show have included A Country Life for Me, a short biographical show based on TWC Docherty who tragically died on the last day of WW1 and performed by Chris & Kath at the Keyingham Folk Festival.

2019 saw the Hull Folk Collective perform two major shows. The first being an extended version of Keep Your Gansey Dry and the second called Hullabaloo Belay!